Mario Kart - saving game data and progress


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Jul 7, 2009

I've read the Mario Kart manual, and it's simply states game data will be saved automatically (presumably to the current license in use). My son keeps getting new stuff (tracks, characters etc), but this is being lost when he next goes in to play Mario Kart. He wants to use King Boo but this character - and some new cups are not saved.

I've deleted 3 licenses so now there's only one that can be used.

Is there any way I can guarentee that his progress can be saved, so when he next goes in it's as it was when he left it?

One thing I should ask: is there a specific procedure for ensuring game data is saved before powering down the unit? We're not hitting the off button, but always get the message "anything not saved will be lost" - but I am unsure how to save the data?

Please help - frustrated son made even more frustrated by dads inability to fix it!


Is he always selecting the same category (50 cc, 100 cc, 150 cc)? If not, I'm not sure that unlocked stuff will be available. It may only be there in the category in which you unlock it.
I have not had the problem you describe. I always back all the way out to the second title screen (the one that shows a character and a bike or kart and tells you to press the "A" button) before I quit the game. I don't know if that's necessary, but for some reason I've always done it. Perhaps you could try doing that each time?

I don't think the notion of an unlocked feature only being available in the category in which you unlock it is correct because I see all the characters regardless of the category I select. (For example, unlocking Rosalina required getting a star ranking for every cup on every level including Mirror Mode, but I can still select Rosalina in any category if I so choose.)