mario kart tourney


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Feb 6, 2014
Events2Compete will be hosting a Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye 007 Tournament at EXP Gaming Lounge from 6-12 pm on Sunday Feb. 9th. All ages are welcome to attend. Prizes are listed below:

(No registration allowed after any tournament has started)

Mario Kart:

Free For All - 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm
2v2's - 7:10 pm - 8:45 pm.
Battle - 9 pm - 10 pm.


Free For All - 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm.
2v2's - 6:15 pm - 7:45 pm.
1v1's - 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Entry Fees:

-$5 Venue Admission (to be paid to EXP Gaming Lounge upon entering)
-$5 Free Play (Optional for those not entering a tournament. You must also pay the $5 venue fee as well.) for Mario Kart, GoldenEye, and other games for N64 & Super Nintendo that will be available (This is for spectators who want to play, or for any players who just want to free play and not register for a tournament. Any player that registers for a tournament can free play in any game).

Tournament Fees (per person unless specified otherwise):

$10 Free For All - Mario Kart
$10 2v2 (per team) - Mario Kart
$5 Battle Mode - Mario Kart

$10 Free For All - GoldenEye
$10 2v2 (per team) - GoldenEye
$10 1v1 - GoldenEye

-Bring your own controller. Some will be provided if you don't have one.
-Make sure you fully understand the rules before the tournament begins.

(Minimum 12 players or 8 teams must register for each specific tournament. If less players show up, the payout will be split 70/30 and all the pot money will go into prizes. Pot bonus of $100 will be added and 4th place will be paid for FFA and 1v1's if 24 players register, and $50 pot bonus and 4th place will be paid if 15 teams register for 2v2's. If 40 players register, a $200 pot bonus will be added to the current payout and 4th & 5th place will be paid for 1v1's and FFA. If 20 teams register for 2v2's, a $100 pot bonus and 4th & 5th place will be paid out. Make sure to bring your friends or spread the word to help increase prizes. For Mario Kart's Battle Mode, the pot bonus will be half the amount stated above for FFA and 1v1's under the same conditions.)

Mario Kart & GoldenEye
FFA and 1v1's
1st - $70
2nd - $40
3rd - $20

1st - $50
2nd - $30
3rd - $10

Mario Kart Battle:
1st - $30
2nd - $20
3rd - $10


Mario Kart Rules:

Free For All & Battle Rules:

-4 Players in each set.
-Every set consists of 4 games.
-Each Player picks a stage once.
-At the end of a set, a new random set of 4 players will be created.

Points per results:
1st - 3 points
2nd - 2 points
3rd - 1 point
4th - 0 points

-3 sets will be played and points will be tallied overall for all players.
-At the end of the 3 sets, the top 8 players will advance to a single elimination tournament semi-finals that will be seeded based on points.

-In the event of a tie in points, the player that had more 1st place victories advances. If that also results in a tie, we will look at second place finishes, followed by third places finishes if there still is a tie. If at that point there is still a tie, we will have a 1 lap race between every player that is tied on a stage that is agreed upon by all parties.

-In the semi-finals, the same rules will apply as before. The top 2 for each set based on points will advance to the finals and prizes will be determined based on point totals in the finals.

2v2 Rules:

-Same point system as Free For All with:
1st- 3 points
2nd- 2 points
3rd- 1 point
4th- 0 points

-Standard rules below apply.
-Each team will play 5 matches with 5 different teams.
-Points will be added up and top 8 teams by points will advance to the single elimination quarter-finals and matchups will be seeded by points
-Each game in the single elimination playoffs will be best of 3 and teams that reach 10 points first will advance to the next round.
-In the case of a tie, another match will be played on a neutral map that is agreed upon by both parties and the winner will advance.
-The final round will be played to 15 points. Same rules apply in case of a tie.

-All Games are 150cc.
-Finals on DK Jungle Parkway, Yoshi’s Valley, Bower's Castle, and Banshee Boardwalk in that order.
-Hacking, glitching, trolling, collusion (free for all or battle only), or picking a different character or stage other than what was agreed upon may result in an instant disqualification.
-If two people want the same character, those two players will flip a quarter for each race and the winner gets that character for that race. If three people want the same character, those players will draw straws for each race. If everyone wants the same character, each player will get that character for one race and the order will be determined by port number.

-Bracket will be set up on the day of the event
-Prizes will be determined later on once we have a better head count.

-The following Shortcuts are illegal and any player executing them during a race will automatically forfeit that race:

-Kalamari Desert: The use of a star inside the train tunnel to trick the lap counter as seen here

-Toad's Turnpike: Any exploit of the lakitu glitch (after a player is picked up by lakitu, he can drive out of bounds for a short time) to skip from the first half of the track onto the second, either by landing directly on it or by landing in the water next to it. (As seen here

-Frappe Snowland: Skipping a lap by driving backwards by the bridge and out of bounds in the snow (as shown here or triggering a warp glitch by driving out of bounds off of the jump (as shown here 28 seconds).

-Mario Raceway: Jumping over any walls as shown here at 20 seconds

-Wario Stadium: Jumping over any walls as shown here

-Royal Raceway: Triggering lakitu to skip you ahead to the end of the big ramp (as shown here

-DK's Jungle Parkway: Using the lack of hitbox detection in the corner of the cave to skip a lap by landing either back in the cave (as shown here or in the water.

-Rainbow Road: Using the shortcut by jumping off to the side at the beginning of the lap to skip ahead on the map

Any shortcuts/techniques not listed are legal.

GoldenEye Rules:

-Man with the Golden Gun Mode will be played.
-Slappers and throwing knives are illegal.
-Auto aim off
-Radar on
-No handicap

Stage Selection:
-Random Stage Selection unless agreed upon by all parties

Character Selection:
-Oddjob and any character shorter in reference to James Bond including the first civilian and the second Moonraker are illegal.

Tournament Rules:

Free For All:

-6 matches will be played by each player and each match will be determined randomly.
-First to 10 kills wins.
-1st - 3 points, 2nd - 2 points, 3rd - 1 point, 4th - 0 points
-In the case of a tie for total kills, those players will split the points (example: Two players get 8 kills for 2nd and 3rd place and each will receive 1.5 points)
-After 6 matches are played, the top 8 players in points will advance to the semi-finals and will be seeded by total score.
-The semi-finals and finals will be first to 20 kills.
-The semi-finals will be single elimination, and the top two players advance to the finals.
-Standings will be determined by kills in the final match.
-Standard rules apply.


-Double elimination
-Each series will be best of 3 matches.
-Every match will be first to 10 combined team kills.
-Semi-finals and finals will be best of 5 matches.
-Golden Gun weapon set will be used unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.
-Standard rules apply.


-Double elimination
-Each series will be best of 3 matches.
-Every match will be first to 10 kills.
-Semi-finals and finals will be best of 5 matches.
-Standard rules apply.