mario party on wii?

more than likely, i mean for the past two consoles they have cranked out seven so far....

the ones on cube were a blast, i can only imagine the fun on playing mario party on the wiimote :D
That woulde so cool I wonder If there going to make Jump blocks this generation Because If they Don't that would be messed up seriously I always
get excited to see the new Mini Games When I first Got Mario Party 3 I wondered what nice Mini games theres gonna be but the second time like 2 or 3 years later I got it and forgot all the Mini games.
I'd agree that it's quite likely they'll release a mario party on the Wii, since it was pretty popular on the N64.
They are going to make MK and Mario party 8,9,10 and maybe others so i'll wait until mario party 10
the first one for the Wii will be fun, but im not looking forward to the next 13 they make in the same year.. Whats the point of buying Mario Party when there is a better one coming out in a month or two?
i think that mario partry on the wii would be cool because they could utilize the wii-mote and also the connectivity of the ds to the wii, they COULD use the microphone AND touch screen of the ds too, it'd be cool, Many mini games on the mario wiiparty