mii house


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Jan 9, 2008
I'm looking for opinions on this idea.

A downloadable channel called like "mii house" or something that would work off of the mingling miis. Have different goals for interacting miis with other from different consoles to unlock rooms in your mii's personal house. With different activities done comes new furniture and stuff like that to the house.

But my favorite part of the idea is in the bedroom or trophy room will be trophies from beating different wii games. For example, when super mario galaxy is beaten without all stars, a power star appears on the wall for the mii the save file is tied to, and when the game is beaten with all 120 stars, then the power star is upgraded to a grand star and so on. Manty different ideas can spawn for the item you will recieve for your house with each new game beaten for the wii. Then when miis mingle you can see their houses and look at their trophy room to see the games they have beaten for the console.


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Dec 20, 2007
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I think they would rather make a video game with this same concept.. if it takes too much effort to make that.

It is a cool idea though.

You could even have a mini arcade in the house with generic old school games like Pong!