More Wii's for Me and You


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Aug 5, 2006
Glasgow, Scotland
More Wii's for Me and You

A leading UBS analyst claimed today that Nintendo's new flagship console is handily exceeding its production goals.

Already, there has been two million wii's produced and there is a predicted 7-9million more coming your way which easily overtakes its earlier estimate of 6 million by the years end. The new figures indicate that there could be as high as 11 million wii's out in your local stores by the years end.

While this may seem as good news for those of you who have not decided to pre-order nintendo's new system, it would still be wise to get your deposit in now as these things are gonna' sell like hotcakes.

By Ronan

Facts & Figures: Gamespot


Thanks a lot for reading my first news post guys. (yeah i know it was a bit short :smilewinkgrin: )

I will hopefully be posting more in the future.

And finally, any positive criticism would be most welcome.
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MetroidZ said:
atleast it has been confirmed.

so.. i0n "hired" you or can pple post in latest news again..?

well i just sent him a sample article and then he unlocked the news area so i can post in it.