Multiplayer splitscreen.


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May 23, 2006
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I was just wondering how a multiplayer fps will feel? Will we be confined to pointing to our own little square of screen? Or will we get to point ot the middle of the screen? The problem I see with that it that you may feel strange pointing one place and looking at another.
it will most likely be that you will have a square all to yourself to point around in. but you would be able to hinder other people's proformance by maybe hitting their controller or something. but yeah, it would probably be a lot easier if it was like the normal FPSs.
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Ya... but could you imagine four players on a twenty inch tv. It hard enough to see let alone try and navigate within.
split screen
lets hope nintendo dont do that
They may make it so when you play split-screen, you move the wiimote and it still moves the reticle in your own screen, but you don't actually have to point at your specific little box.

It would probably be comparable to using a keyboard and mouse, because you still get movement sensetivity, but you don't actually point at a certain point on the screen with the mouse.

Hope that made sense.:D

If they do it the other way, where you have to point within your side of the screen, then I don't think we will see a lot of 4-player FPSs, unfortunatly.

Who knows? Maybe that sceme would/will/does work and I'll bite my tongue when I play Red Steel split-screen.
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Heh... ya! I hate that there are still at least three months before we get to play it! Im gonne get mine the weekend after it comes out, cause I wont be able to get to the city in the first week :(
well I hate playing in a 4 players screen and then u only have a liiiitle square to see... I hope Nintendo fix this and make something much easier
^ You have a better solution for 4 player? I dont see how it could be improved upon without more tv's. And for this thread - I believe that relative motion has a lot to do with the Wii pointer - So playing in a smaller box wont neccessarily mean that your aiming has to be that more precise. This isnt a light gun like we saw on NES with duckhunt, its slightly more sophisticated
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I suppose you're right. Though I still think it may feel sort of awkward...
maybe in split screen have a zoom in/out option so everyone can set the size of their to their liking, frankly I like it zoomed out so I can actually see the guy running up beside me before he's 2 feet away, but I think multi-player split-screen is still a good idea so you can have friends play in the same room as you, not everywhere is broadband capable yet and sometimes setting up online is a pain(for those of you alienated to this term - friend - this means people who know you and will interact with you not just behind counter without having to pay them, like the characters in your game you play).