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Aug 30, 2006
Look this is a thread about music and posting different music and no i am not spamming, if thats what your thinking.

Download this song (It's a song, not a download):

Banana Phone GMOD:

Download the Banana Phone song here:

The Ultimate Showdown:

Download the ultimate showdown song here:

Foamy: Squirrel song

Foamy Squirrl songs 2:

Download Squirrel song here:

Pico unloaded (It's kind of a music flash)

Fiberglass Monkey:

Closing the God d@mn Door (The main signer is a freak just look @ the music clip): write sins not tragedies

Peanut-butter-jelly-time (There are 3 different versions of this. 1. family guy. 2. the real PBJT and last 3. PBJT with the catroon banana)

1. butter jelly time

2. butter jelly time

3. butter jelly time

Metal Gear Solid 2 Music Video:

Metal Gear Solid 1 Music Video (Twin Snakes version on GameCube, the songs cr@p but the movies good, the best parts are with the ninja/ grey fox and at the end when snake and liquid are fighting)

Another Metal Gear Solid 1 Music Video (It's got a really good Movie clip and a pretty bad song)

More Metal Gear Solid Music Video: (It's got a good video clip and okay music) Gear Solid music video

Metal Gear Solid 3 Music Video: (It's an okay video and the music is from the end of MGS 3, the music is pretty cr@p)

Another Metal Gear Solid 2 Music Video: (The videos okay and the music was pretty crap) Gear Solid music video

A different, another MGS2 Music Video: (It's okay) Gear Rex

Final Fantasy X music video:

Metal Gear Solid 2 game intro:

South Park: Kyle's mum is a b!tch (It may have some inappropriate language but who gives a cr@p it's really funny) Park

South Park: Chocolate Salty B@lls (It's not what you think, So don't laugh !!!) Anyway it's a good song and it's funny.

Long Version: 4 mins Park chocolate salty balls

Short Version: 16 secs Park chocolate salty balls

If you want the recipe of Chef's Chocolate salty b@lls follow this weblink:

Team America: Everyone has AIDS (Really Funny ;D ) America

Kingdom Hearts Version of AIDS: America, theme song

final fantasy version of everyone has aids: has aids

Team America: I'm so Lonely (It's Okay) America, theme song

Team America: F**k Yeah (i got the full version of the song but not the parts from the movie to go with it, only subtitles and anyway it's really good) America, theme song

Team America: Freedom Isn't Free (It's okay, not the greatest thing I've seen)

Star Trek Karaoke: (WTF?)

Metroid Prime 1 music video (Pretty good video but crap song) prime music video

Metroid Music: Phendrana Drifts: (This guy plays the Phendarna Difts backround music on a piano) prime music video

Stacy's Mom - Half Life 2 Music Video: life 2 music video

Half Life 2- G-man goes to the Playground!

Half Life 2: Brightside of life:

@$$hole song (It's okay) a very nice person%20song

Mudmen - Animal: (It's an okay song) animal

Metroid Prime Hunters Music Video: (The videos crap and the musics crap, i just posted this one because i didn't have any MP hunters ones ) prime music video

Scary Movie 1, screams rap: Movie 1

South Park: Blame Canada: Park, Canada

Weird Al: Eat it: al

Weird Al, Fat: al

Weird Al, Gump: al

Weird Al, Jurassic Park: al

Weird Al Yankovic - Like A Surgeon: al

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Bob (This ones really weird): al Bob

Weird Al Yankovic - Christmas At Ground Zero: al

"Ebay" by Weird Al Yankovic: al

Weird Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise al

Weird Al Yankovic - Dare To Be Stupid (Ahh... i don't know) al

FFVII:AC - Hero:

Final Fantasies music video:

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Music Video:

Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children - Cloud vs Sepiroth:

Korn - Thoughtless Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children

Distured & Korn - Forsaken - Vid - FF7:

Some of these Music Clips may take a while to load so just be patient. Anyway I hope you enjoy all of these music clips i'll try to find more :)
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