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Big Momma
Mar 27, 2008
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I couldn't find a thread already made like this. so here goes

If there was one game, that everyone who had a wii must own. What do you think it should be? :D
Eeerrr... Metroid Prime 3: Corruption?
Eeerrr... Metroid Prime 3: Corruption?

Definitely Corruption! You haven't truely experienced the Wii until you've played Metroid Prime 3. I'm a huge Metroid Prime fan and this game ended the trilogy well. Best FPS controls (thus far *I'm looking at you Conduit*) on Wii.
Hmmm....I should buy Corruption too....Metroid rocks!

I would really have to suggest Brawl. Its a good game, and has lots of variety. It has some decent online and stuff, and keeps you entertained for a while. The..well, storyline isnt all that great, but everything else makes up for it.
Smash Bros isnt about plots.
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mine has to be Mario Kart
great game. really takes advantage of everything the wii has to offer.

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