my Tiger 10 review(and motion +)


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Jun 5, 2009
I really like Tiger 10 so far! I don't golf in real life, so take that into consideration. I'm about 5 rounds in on my career. The motion + really seems to improve the sensitivity of the Wiimote. I was great at Tiger 08 and beat the game. Got 09 and the putting was just horrible on it, I barely even played it. I tuned my swing a little bit in the beginning. At this point I played one game in the PLAY NOW section, playing on a course as Tiger. I'd recommend this if you want to get used to the control action and sensitivity. Plus, I think you're playing Tiger's stats as far as power, accuracy and all that goes?

Graphics, don't expect much more than 09. They are a little better as far as the courses and landscapea go, but its a small difference. The golfers haven't improved much at all. The audience at the holes aren't great looking by any means.

Swing accuracy seems to have improved alot. I'm using precision putting and standard swing mode(not all play). If you want to get 100% power out of your drives, it seems you really need to turn your body at your waist and bring your arms all the way back(probably like a real golf swing?). This was one of the biggest differences I noticed. This could help golfers in the winter with their core strength a little. At least keeping active. With the motion +, you have the club angle involved now so you see if your wrists are straight as you hit the ball. From what I can tell this is detected somewhere about a foot or two before you hit the ball until the ball is struck. You can see it after you hit the ball and try to adjust your swing accordingly. When you use your wedges you aren't quite using a full swing anymore and it seems realistic to me when chipping. Now to the putting - MUCH improved! It actually is sensitive to how hard(or how soft) you swing the putter. Its great IMO., I haven't actually checked to see if the weather in the game matches whats really at the location. But, I did stop a game in the middle of a round and when I came back the next day, the wind was stronger by about 7 mph than the day before. And yes, its much easier to golf on a calm day. My first day at Bethpage Black.....15 mph winds and pouring rain....good times:incazzato: That was a rough introduction to the game:D I did better the next day with 6 mph winds. When the ground is wet, the ball bounce or roll to far.

Things I don't like about the game: Still the announcers don't call things at the right time or they say something after you've taken the shot that should've been said before. That's pretty minor though. My biggest issue is when you're hitting the ball onto the green, ALOT of the time the camera angle changes to view from the green. So you don't know where your ball is gonna land. BIG problem for applying spin to your ball!!!!! Can't apply spin if you don't know where the hell the ball is landing on the green! The game seems to change this view more often than not in my experience and it bugs me alot.

For those who haven't played any Tiger games before, You also improve by upgrading your skills as you go, buying better clubs with higher levels, even your clothes have levels to them. So the higher you have your numbers on everything, the better off you are.

Overall this is definitely the best golf game I've played. I'd score it 9.5 so far. I haven't tried playing online yet or disc golf or anything yet though. It looks to have enough features to keep you busy for a long time.
I haven't played online or disc golf or anything yet.
Sorry I didn't read the entire review, the only reason I'd argue for a lower score though is that wii speak wasn't included and you can't play disc golf or any of the other modes online. Other than that the game is superb.
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Yeah, I forgot about Wii speak. I don't even own it yet because there isn't a game I've wanted that uses it. Any of the EA games would be prime for it I think. What mode online are you playing live against other people? I started playing a game, but on the score card it listed everyone as being done already. I have to dig into online more but I'm trying to get my players stats up higher.

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