Grand Slam Tennis Motion Plus Glitches


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Jun 14, 2009
The controls have significantly improved with the Motion Plus , however , the game still has some major glitches , those sorts of small and rare problems which made me want to break the controller in half ...

Overall it's a good game , that is if you play it on the easy level , however it was playing against Pat Cash on the highest level which revealed certain play aspects of the game which I found to be very frustrating , here's a few

1) The player has trouble getting to the ball e.g. at times the player momentarily runs away from the ball

2) The player swings even when you don't e.g. when the Wii Mote is switched from one side to the other

3) The player does not swing when you do , this happens relatively more frequently

4) Placement of the ball to the left and right sides does not happen with good control especially since there is a lot of ambiguity as to where the player wants to be with respect to the ball e.g. you may plan to hit the ball from the left however , as the player approaches the ball he/she moves past the ball so that the sole option is to hit it from the right

5) Top spins and slices functions are flawed , sometimes the performance of one leads to the other , this problem can be improved upon if one sits further from the screen

I do not believe that it is even possible to master this game , it has a lot of stubborn glitches .
Yesterday i would of agreed with you, today i have sort of found out how to play better.
Basically, take your time as best you can because any sudden movements does indeed make the racket swing.

As for placement and top / back swing, i believe with practice, you should be able to get it right appx 90% of the time.

Remember, after every point, hold your wiimote still pointing forwards and it resets itself ready for the next point.

good luck