my wii isnt turning on please helpppp


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Mar 24, 2009
i just got home and i saw my wii just does not turn on, there was a short blackout a few hours ago and my wii plug is plugged on automatic voltage regulator and i tried turning it on but i dont see a redlight orange or green
just nothing

i brushed my finger on one of the ports and felt a bit of electricity meaning that it can still get electricity (i think) but it just doesnt turn on

im scared and i put my wii on my bed with a blanket i dont know what to do

please help:sad:
The first thing you should try is plugging the Wii straight into a different power outlet to confirm that it is the Wii and not the voltage regulator that is faulty.

If it still doesn't work then contact Nintendo support. If your Wii is still under waranty then they will repair/replace it for free and they have a fast return time. Make sure to mention anything that you want saved as they will transfer VC/Wiiware games, points, Mii's and game saves over for you if they do need to replace it.