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Oct 20, 2006
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Hi, I'm planning on maing an unofficial Zelda movie called "Legend of the Triforce". The movie is basicly based on Ocarina of Time but includes two additional villans: Vaati and Shadow (Dark Link). Below is a complete list of characters...

Deku Tree
King Daphnes
King Zora

You can read the script below (spoilers).

Link, who was raised as a Kokiri, awakens one day to find an annoying fairy flying around his face. "Wake up!", says the light. "The Great Deku Tree wants to see you! Link! It's time to get up!" Link grabs a Deku Stick and swats the light.

Suddenly Mido, the forest bully and brainiac walks up to Link. "There you are, Sprite. What are you doing with this fool?" The fairy hesitated. "My names Navi, thank you very much!" Mido looked surprised. "So Mr. Nofairy became lucky, huh?", Mido teased. Link got up and began to argue with Mido.

Link got to his feet. "So I guess you're Mr. Nofairy now, huh?", he said. Mido rolled his eyes. "Once a nerd, always a nerd!". Link thought up something to say. "Once a meanie, a-always a m-meanie". Mido started to crack up. Just then Navi softly tugged Link's hair. "Link, c'mon", she urged. Link stuck out his tongue at Mido and was on his way to see the tree.

Along his way, Link ran into Saria carrying a basket of berries and leaves. Link bumped into her and her berries rolled down the hill. "Mido!", she said. "I always- Oh, Link it's only you!" "Sorry", Link said sadly. Saria started to pick up the berries. "It's okay", she said. "I'll just wash 'em off in the stream". Saria looked up, stunned to see a fairy on Link's shoulder. "You have a fairy? Great! Oh, and the Great Deku Tree wants to see you". Saria winked and scurried off to the stream.

After crossing the stream, Link finally arrived at the Great Deku Tree's meadow. <Greeting's Link>. Link was suprised to hear a voice in his head. <You must have heard from Navi, yes?> Link sat down to listen to the tree's words. <And have you heard of the great evil threatening Hyrule, correct?> Link slowly nodded his head from side to side. "No", he said. The Deku Tree then began to tell Link the story. <You see Link, an evil is threatening Hyrule. That evil is Ganon, the leader of the desert race called Gerudo. In order to defeat this evil, you must obtain the stones of the three great spirits: Din, Farore, and Nayru. If you wish for Hyrule to live any longer, please accept the stone of Farore: The Kokiri's Emerald.> Suddenly a green light fell from the brances of the tree, landing in link's hands. "Thank you", he said. <Now Link, leave the forest and head to Hyrule Castle. There you will meet the princess of destiny. I have no time left. Run, Link, run. Take Navi with you to Hyrule Castle.> Saying no more Link scurried off to leave his home.

Link finally arrived at the bridge seperating Hyrule from the forest. "Oh, you're leaving", said a voice. Link turned around to see Saria looking sadly at him. Link looked back. "I won't die, the Deku Tree told me to", he said. Saria started to cry. "Because you're not one of us, right?", she said. "You can leave, just take this ocarina to remember me and the forest". Link took the small flute and stared at his brown gauntlet. He then hurried out of the forest.

Link hurried across the large yard of the castle. "Wait up Link", yelled Navi. Link looked back to see a little man dressed in green and red. "Hey, Mr. Fairy", he said. At that moment, Link remembered Mido. "I'm a fairy, too you know". He pointed upward. "From the sun". Navi rolled her tiny eyes, but said nothing. "I'm not a fairy", Link said. "This is a fairy". He let Navi land on his finger. The man smiled wider. "That's why I call you Mr. Fairy. You have a pet fairy". Navi once again rolled her eyes. "My names Tingle", said the man. Link made a disgusted face, then started to back away. "I have some, uh, buisness", he said. And he was on his way.

After arriving at the castle garden, Link hid behind a rose bush. "What do I do, Navi?". Navi hesitated. "You're the hero", she said. Link peeked out at the guards in the blue cloaks. "Did you just see that rose bush jiggle", said a guard pointing directly at Link. "Nah", said another as he walked away away with the others. Link quickly ran behind a nearby plain bush. "There 'goes again", said the guard. "Get a life", said one of the two guarding the entrence. Link just then remember his old Deku Slingshot. He checked to see if he had it and pulled back the string. He let it fling and it hit a guard in the eye. "Ow", he said. The guards looked at Link. About half of them all blew their blue wistles. Link let fly another which hit one of their sheilds. Link ran as fast as he could into the castle, locking the huge door behind him. There he saw a young girl looking into the throne room through a window.

Link tiptoed up to the girl to see her quickly spin around. "Who are you", she asked. Link felt embaressed. "I-I... My name's Link. The girl tilted her head to the side. "You look familiar", she said. "You look like a boy from my dream. The boy who...". She took a long pause. "Tell me", she finally continued. "Do you have a green stone?". Link was suprised. He reached into his pockets to pull out the Kokiri's Emerald. The girls eyes were as wide as bottle caps. "You're... him", she said. "Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself. I am Zelda, the princess of Hyrule". Zelda looked from side to side to make sure that nobody was watching. "You see", she told. "My father's very old and sick, and he... he will die any day now. So he hired me a new guardian named Ganondorf. He's real creepy lookin', but he pledges complete alligence to my father". Zelda looked at that hard, stone floor for a breif second. "Wanna see?". Link was confused. "Who?", he asked. Zelda rolled her eyes. "Ganondorf", she said in a matter-a-fact voice. Link said nothing back, but looked through the window. All he saw was a throne with Zelda's father sitting on it, old and wrinkly. But then a rather young man with rotting skin and flaming red hair walked up and started talking to the king. After a few seconds, the king nodded and left the room. The rotten-skin man, having nothing else to do, sat into the throne. Zelda gasped as the man peered over at the children. "Duck", she said in a soft voice. "Did he see you? Don't worry. He has no idea at all." Link was confused. "Get the stones, then come back", said Zelda. And so Link left the room.

Meanwhile, Zelda and the King were meeting their knew family. Ganondorf leaned near Zelda. "Hello, little girl", he said. "I'm your new father now, and you better behave." A whiff of onion breath came out of his mouth. He then sat into one of the royal chairs. "So, Ganondorf, where's your family?", asked the king. Ganondorf sighed. "My son, Vaati", said he. "will arrive very soon. He's gone out to get Zelda, some, eh, presents". Just then a pound was on the heavy wooden door. "Com'n!", shouted a soldier. A young boy wearing a dark outfit with long hair walked in. "Daddy", he said. "I've got Zelda her food". He held up a basket with ice and leaves in it. Ganondorf smiled. "Thank you, Vaati", he said, taking the bag. "Zelda will be eating this if she's bad. If she's good, she'll get meatloaf at the most". Zelda gasped. Suddenly the king began to pout. "Daphnes, are you alright?", asked Ganondorf. But Zelda could see a smile in his worried face. The guards rushed toward the king, but they knew he was going to die. And that's what happened. Zelda was left with this dreadful couple.

Tell me what you think!

I'll edit this tomorrow...
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