Need For Speed Carbon

Lord Haku

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Jul 3, 2006
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Need for speed Carbon is headed for the wii. Though said to be only a xbox 360 or ps3 you can trash those mirriors and prepare for some awemne racing. Make no mistake though Need for SPeed fans this is no moSt wanted to, it is a compleety diffrent game, I 'll tell you some of these new featrues that it has to bring.

First of all you get a team. YOu know like those pit crews think them but much more helpful. Some guys help fix your car in case you keep wiping out also you have blockers, these blockers knock other cars out of the way so you can reach the finish line easier

That not all you can do with them. You can also upgreade charactheres to further help you crush the competiton. MAKE NO MISTAKE though this is no easy game, yo'll be doing all your boss battles on canyons. OH and these canyons sometimes have no guard rails so if you go too close no magical force will push you back you'll fall of and lose the race.

The battle gets even harder the more guardrails you hit the more points will be deducted to your score. But still this is the kind of action that will have the Wii mote slipping out of your sweaty hands. Speaking of the Wii mote the developesrs are nervous about incorpotring it but they said that they will take the time to work the kinks out.

Anyway as far as racing and Need for Speed games go this offers a breath of originilty that we some times to for granted in the genre
Man you sound like a walking advertisement for everygame you come across ^_^ but I think I like your style and I might give this game a try, I was going to fob it off as another NFS clone like the previous games.
I think for driving, the normal buttons will do fine, I don't want to use the motion functionality. Is that a sin?
I think Need for Speed: Carbon is going to be better than excite truck cause I probed it and I didnt liked too much but now I can see NFS:C will be better and yeah, u will play it as the excite truck one