Need For Speed Carbon Review


Sep 25, 2006
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Need for Speed Carbon

Just a carbon copy, or the real deal?

I like to drive fast. I've had more speeding tickets in my life than I care to say, but I still crave that exhilarating rush you get when your flying down the road, pushing the limits, literally feeling the edge of your car's abilities and knowing just when to pull it back in so that you don't end up an oily spot on the pavement somewhere. There haven't been many games in the last few years to truly unite the sense of speed and intuitive control of a race car. That is until EA released Need for Speed: Carbon for the Wii.

I've read a lot about how, in general, EA's creative juices have been re-awakened by Nintendo's new controller and upon popping the game into your Wii Carbon is just so happens to be one of those examples where the development team sat down and hammered out as many ways one could use the Wii's new controller to intuitively control an automobile. Bottom line: they FRIGGIN' nailed it!

Whether you use the Wii-mote NES style via Excite Truck, or utilize the Nunchuk as the steering wheel by tilting it left or right and the Wii-mote as accelerator/brake, your in for an exciting gaming experience, and one of the most fun times I personally have had with a racing game in recent memory.

As a comparator I also own Carbon on the Xbox 360, and other than the obligatory graphical differences (which the 360 does obviously outshine the Wii, but not by as much as you might think) the Wii build just 'feels' faster and allows the player to get more in-tune with the game. By the same token the 360 controls well, but isn't nearly as interesting to play, and I found myself disregarding the Wii's somewhat lower resolution graphics for a bitchin' time racing.

The game finds its niche somewhere in-between Underground and Burnout in the game play with an interesting choice of stylized live-action cut sequences over CGI fare (and though the acting can be a bit ridiculous at times, it comes off pretty well and can be skipped for those with no patience, like me).
You progress through the game by traveling through different districts of the city that are controlled by rival crews (gangs) and either challenging these crews to races or accepting challenges from them. Once an area has been unlocked after a race is complete, you can select events using the world map.

Another similarity to the Underground series is the ability to totally customize your car from the ground up with any and everything you could imagine. Once you unlock different cars and build up enough cash to do so that is.

All in all I found this game to be completely addicting. It definitely has the potential for 10-12 hours of game play just in finishing the central plotline, but I have continued to come back just to have fun driving around the city, evading cops and causing major catastrophes to slow them down. Head-to-Head is a blast as well. Highly recommended!

Reader's Ratings for Need for Speed Carbon
Rating Description
out of 10

8.5 Presentation
Slick interface with logical use of Wii-mote buttons. Cut scenes can be a bit silly but no more so than other EA efforts.
9.0 Graphics
Definitely not Gamecube! This game moves pretty fast and the Wii shows what it can do with few hichups. Good lighting effects as well as physics.
7.5 Sound
Good overall but this unfortunately can't measure up to the 5.1 surround sound clarity available on the other versions of the game.
9.5 Gameplay
It's awesome to see EA invigorated by the Wii to the extent that they have developed such unique and intuitive control scheme's for a driving game. Tight control with a minimal learning curve.
8.5 Lasting Appeal
The solo game will go by fairly quick, but you'll find yourself coming back just to utilize the amazing new control methods. Imagine what a Gran Turismo game would be like on this system!
(out of 10 / not an average)
I thought u could upload ur own music but I cant seem to find anyway to do this.
Thanks man, even though that review seems a bit bias, I must say I can not wait to pick this game up.
Good review! Its a great game......I was having a hard time picking out the racing game I wanted and it seems from playing the others that I picked the right one!