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Feb 5, 2009
I have a question, I have passed Most of the lower levels, but when I go into them to complete the ones I haven't. There are some with yellow stars with question marks above them and I can play them and get a Clear star, but after i get the star they won't go away. Am I missing something is that why they won't complete fully? And what could I be missing if that's the case?
your beating a star you've already beaten. When you recieve a clear star at the end of the level, thats telling you that you've already captured that star. Look around the level for a different star or pathway or choose a star you havent collected from the star select menu (beginning of level)
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OK! need more help. Dusty Dune Galaxy Speedy Comet. Ok I have 4 mins and 30 seconds to get the star at the end. 1. question is there a faster way to beat to beat the spiky thing at the beginning then knockin' his body out. 2. The thing where you have to collect the star bits takes forever to is there a pattern to follow to beat it faster. 3. eventaully I get through it all and in to the pipe and out the otherside do i have to go all the way to get that pound thing again and then back to the otherside or can I just go over and collect the star.
Help I hope

Hello, heres the best advice i can give, i just got the star and took some notes in my head. 1st: The spikey guy at the start should be a breeze. Stand in the middle of the first five and spin as soon as they jump on you at the same time. as for the big guy just spin while standing beside him, quickly run up to him within spin distance and spin again. On the last spin when there is only the head left be quick to spin hit him for he will hop away from you and burrow within a couple hops to regenerate.
2nd: This one took me a couple tries and is much harder if you get frustrated . Heres my best explaination of which i go for first. 1st piece-on the same round island you land on, if you miss, chances are you'll end up back here at some point. 2nd piece-travel on the outer side of the sand slide and you should see a piece on the outer corner. This one is harder to get, but same as the first, chances are you'll take another shot on the second time around. 3rd- After #2 press left to travel to the inside of the sand slide where you should right away see #3. untill you get the hang of the shape of this planet, these two pieces are more then likely the ones you may miss. 4th piece- Go right after #3 and you should find a small island with a breakable crystal with the piece. THe last, carry the turtle shell at the very start to the treasure chest on the island. I miss this one on purpose because it leads to the new path and saves time if done correctly. I believe it's located on the opposite side of piece 2 or 3 but i'm not 100% sure. stick to the outside edges to find easier.
3rd: THis is probably the hardest part if you panic easy. if you rush and speed jump your way you'll find more often then not you'll fall between the cracks in the blocks (into more quicksand). If your confident run jump till the part with the spaces between the blocks, do a few slow timed jumps, then haul ass with a run jump and do some backward summersaults up the three steps to the star.

Let me know if it helps of you need some clarifying
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