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Jul 29, 2006
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tken straight from the blog of some guy on ign

"Apple announces new Ipods
Today, Steve jobs has finally announced long awaited new Ipods.

New Ipod Shuffle (2nd generation)

It will come with 1GB for only $79 and apple will release in sometime in october. New Ipod shuffle will have a brand new design, built in belt-clip and 12 hours of battery life.


New Aluminum Ipod Nano (2nd generation)

The new Ipod nano will come in blue, pink, green, silver, and black, and battery life will be increased from 14 hours on the original Nano to 24 hours.

The new Nano will come in three models--a 2GB in silver only; a 4GB in silver, blue, pink, and green; and an 8GB model in black only. The new Nanos and video iPods are available today.

Price, anyone?

2GB will cost $149.99.
4GB will cost $199.99.
8GB will cost $249.99.



New Ipod Video (Upgraded 5th generation)

The new IPod will come in two models--a 30GB version for $249 and an 80GB for $349. New upgraded Ipod will have better battery life with a 60% brighter screen.


Great job, apple. Now, where is my Iphone?"

looks nice dont they i know im happy with them i think there going to be a big seller
I'm thinking of getting an Ipod Video and selling my mini
I hate ipods with a passion....more then words can express...

I'm so ******* sick of someone constantly trying to sell me something EVERYWHERE I go. I want to play a video game and not have to see constant product placement. Everything is so commercialized now. Buy, Buy, Buy...Money, Money, Money is all it's ever about now. It's like clones. In almost every single "popular" music video I see, there's some kind of cell-phone/ipod crap that they slip in there on purpose. People are becoming like walking clones: Same clothes, same "in your face" attitude, same ipods, same cell-phones, same crappy-ass MTV music, same impatience. Everything has to be big, bright, fast and loud and to be honest I'm very very sick of it. It's always about what's the latest technology. WTF ever happened to books?! For Christ's sake!.......Nobody can think for themselves anymore. Everywhere I look, people are acting exactly the same. It's so sad and I'm doing everything in my possible power to avoid this disease.
I sympathise Marisa, I'm sick of constant product placement as well. It's really getting out of hand- the other day I saw something on the news about interactive adverts being installed in bus stops! :crazy:

Oh yeah, and the prices for those new ipods are a complete rip off.
Bloody ipods just a lame brand of mp3 player
people call my radio one (its a dab radio) it just looks simaler
there bad qualty
im sick of product placement but NOT sick of technological advances in this world, it makes more of a convinience, and has no bad impact on us as a culture except if providing information more effectivly and more quickly is a crime?, i got the email this morning of the new ipods
which i think they are really cool, and hopefully they wont have the same scratch issues the recent batch of 5g ipods have had ya know?
I never understood the need to have ipods play video, i mean adding a decent sized screen to be able to view the videos/movies just defeats the idea of having a small sleak little mp3 player.
i0n said:
I never understood the need to have ipods play video, i mean adding a decent sized screen to be able to view the videos/movies just defeats the idea of having a small sleak little mp3 player.


But the video iPod was pretty neat.

My friend has one and we watch vids in the car sometimes when we're bored.

But yeah, it defeats the purpose of being small/sleek.
biskit003 said:
how much u want for the mini? a mini ipod or a nano?
i would imagine he means mini, people ussualy dont get thoes confused and nanos go for way less than minis
Sovieto said:
i would imagine he means mini, people ussualy dont get thoes confused and nanos go for way less than minis
I think you got it backwards: yes he was talking about an iPod mini, but the minis are going for way less than the nanos because the minis were released quite a while back.

I think the iPod is one of the best and worst mp3 players around. I'm personally an Apple fan and Mac user (recently converted, not a life-long user; Macs sucked til Mac OS X came out IMO) and iPod's just work so well on Macs. I've used iTunes on Windows and I understand why some people hate Apple and iPods because it's not well made and has a lot of bugs (although many of them are just Windows problems aswell).

The Click Wheel and menu style is, in my opinion, unmatched when it comes to ease of use, speed and simplicity, which is very important to me. iTunes, atleast for Mac is amazingly easy to use, especially now with the new version they just released which has an awesome album-view thing.

Also, as every iPod comes out, the price gets better and the features increase. Now they all have color screens, good save capacities, pretty good battery life, can play movies, music w/ album art, nice games, and music videos. However, I hate having to have iTunes installed on a computer to be able to plug the damn iPod in!!!!!!! Gosh, I just want to use it as a portable flash drive sometimes, yet I can't? Why? I think their prices could go lower still, their capacities increased, their features made better like maybe an FM tuner or bluetooth for wireless conectivity...and yeah, a cell phone ability would be great.

I too am sick of product placement, although I personally only watch cable news and a few other shows like The Office, so I rarely see those stupid MTV music videos. Just wondering, why do you guys even tune to that channel anyway? MTV: Music Television? BS, they hardly ever have music anymore, just stupid reality shows, which aren't based in reality at all, and TRL, which is really controlled by the record companies that rob the artists they say they back.

As soon as I can, I'm getting rid of my iPod mini (which has a version of linux running on it, so I can play a ton of games like asteroids and space invaders) and get the 80GB iPod because I plan on using it to backup everything on my computer.

Just remember, the more competition the better. In the end, we benefit.
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