New Nunchuk BUTTON?

Im 99% sure it was like that at E3 buddy.

Will try find a pic for comparison.

edit: attached pics
I dont remember that button being circular ah must be my crappy memory.
there have always been 2 button on the nunchuk and an analog stick, the not that many buttons statement is in regards to the movement capabilities and not needing buttons, it still has nunchuk c and z button, core controller a, b, 1, 2, +, - and home buttons, then a d-pad on the core controller and analog stick on the nunchuk, rumor is the +,- will be for controller sensitivity, big moves or small moves for the same game motion functions and home for the menu, if that is true that makes 6 action buttons. if not true than 8 or 9. the ps2/3 controller has 10 buttons 2 analog sticks and a d-pad, gamecube had technically 2 analog sticks (1 movement, 1 c stick) 8 buttons and a d-pad which means the buttons are pretty much the same but really are not needed, probably just there so developers can use them if they want but most game will not need them. and the attachments aren't to piss you off, its so you don't have to pay a crapload of money for every accessory you get, the shells are low cost and add function to the controller.
So like, the Nunchuk can motion sense too? It has no sensor thing so is that why it only feels flicks and what not using the Wiimote? Creative.