2 New Red Steel Images:


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Jul 21, 2006
Over the Stars



Red Steel just looks great! Enjoy the new screenshots! ^_^

I REALLY hope that this game is REALLY gonna reach the level of graphical polishment shown in the first official trailler of the game. That level of human-like movements and incredible/vivid textures is still far away from that target on my book. I'll REALLY get pissed if this game continues to have a Gamecubish feel and look to it 'til it's final launch day (which's in '06, and NOT '01). I really believe in a nice conversion of ubi's FarCry and the new Rayman to look awesome... and i'd also like the same for other games like Red Steel and Metroid Prime, for example.

Let's see if Nintendo can really put on paper it's promise. I'll be watching them. Gotta love the big N (as much as i LOVE the purest form of the truth).
Wat is this game about anyway. I dont know anything bout the wii except that it is 250 bones. Tis looks like a mre mature title 4 nintendos new console than other games ive seen for my exfriends gc.