*New* Red Steel info:


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Jul 21, 2006
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The team behind Red Steel have taken what was said at E3 to heart, and are trying to make Red Steel the best gameplay experience it can be. The team has stated that the controls at E3 seemed the best fit to them, but now they see that they were used to them, while newcomers found them too sesitive. The final game will also offer many control schemes and preferences so the player can be as comfortable as possible.

More swordfighting has been added to Red Steel, due to the popularity of that gameplay aspect at E3. Ubisoft claims that the final version of the game will feature controls different from those at E3, taking to heart what was heard during the demo.

Ubisoft plans to have many uses for the Wiimote speaker in Red Steel. For example, sword slashes will be heard on the Wiimote, but the team made the point to say that many more uses of the speaker will be implemented.


More Red Steel news! It's good to see that they will be taking advantage of the built in speaker in the Wii-mote! Think about it, when your katana clashes at your opponents katana, you can hear that metal sound right on your wii-mote! Like as if you're really in the game! Well more news to come later!

i dont understand, so is the pre recorded moves mean that u cant control the pinpoint of the sword and stuff, so when u thrust the controller forward it wll be the same every time?
in the new blog one of the developers states "My name is Romain and I am in charge of all the cut scenes in the game. So, I work with a story boarder and then my team is transforming this script into scripted events and programming the camera to make it happen “live” in the game." does this live mean like in half-life you will be able to interact still instead of having no control over what happens, was actually useful in certain portions of half-life, could stand back a few steps while other people got jumped by the mutants to save more of your life, beat up people you don't like, that crowbar was awesome, tink-:mad:tink-tink-tink:mad:-tink-squish-squish:D
That was an odd post...but ok.

Great find HM, i'm glad they increased the sword fighting in the game, it sounds awsome.

About the pre-recorded thing though, where'd u get the idea of this anyway? No one said anything about it. Even if it did have pre-recorded moves it would be like any other game, if u press "A" it swings the sword, that's a pre-recorded movement too.

The wiimote was built so it would give a new way for playing games, but i'll give an exception for this one:D I still hope there's an option for any movement goes.