Red Steel - Freehand sword combat confirmed


Apr 30, 2006
Got some Red Steel info for you here, a German website managed to get an interview with a developer from the Red Steel team. The interview was eventually translated and posted on the IGN boards.

I dont like to quote massive chunks of text but i think its going to be the best way for this translation. Here's the post from IGN:

Yeah, good news. The german online mag was able to speak with Ubisoft on GC in Leipzig, and they asked questions which could be posted per email before. So I send them 2 questions and they were both answered. I’ll translate it into english for you. Here we go.


Mordrag (thats me): Hi, in your interview with ubisoft you could ask how the swordfighting is going to work now, because it was announced to be redesigned. So that the swordmoves aren’t predetermined any more but are converted 1:1.

N-LAN: That’s the case indeed. A developer has confirmed that the control scheme will be completely redesigned so that the controller moves are converted into the game precisely. Besides the controller sensitivity will be completely adjustable in the final version. And the graphics were improved very well since E3, now the atmosphere is much more darklier and thrilling. But that’s not all, there will be even more improvements on the graphics side.

Mordrag: Furthermore you could ask Ubisoft if there are any loading times in Red Steel or in other games on the Wii.

N-LAN: In Red Steel there will be no loading times at all because of smart streaming techniques. How it’s handled in other Wii games we can’t say at the moment. But it’s a fact that Mario Strikers Charged will have loading times similar to the Gamecube version of the game. We were not told if that will be changed in the future. But we’re sure that it will work like on the Gamecube. And as you know the loading times on Gamecube - if they have existed at all - actually were not a big deal.
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IGN has been stale, its been over 1 day and a half since they had any new wii news, so thats good for te sword, i like the fact of that theres no loading screens, hard to would think 360 would use that technology
I like it will have better graphics, since in E3 I found them like the Xbox ones (no 360)
I can see myself spending hours of slashing off heads with my sword in a trainer mode :D
Wi-fi sword fighting anyone.....?
yes, and the best thing would be swordfighting against other people in multiplayer. There could also be some competitions on wi-fi against other people around the world, it would be soo much fun.
That would be one of the best memories i would have!!
hopefully nintendo will give out the online libs to devs soon enough. Anyways sounds awsome and no load times is great!
yes, if they must do a mature rate they might as well sell two versions. One with the sexual references and blood and one without any of those, it would help!
I dont think that adding wi-fi support later on should be a problem, I think one of the things that the wii will be downloading in standby mode will be game updates. The bad news concerning this is if developers start launching buggy games like on PC due to the ease of upgrading later on.
does anyone know what size SD cards the wii will be able to handle?
OK, now I going to buy this game.