Interview: Red Steel's Graphical Director


Apr 30, 2006
Stephanie Bachelet from the Red Steel development team took some time out recently to answer a few questions for

Here are some highlights from the interview:

The Wii kits actually arrived 1 month prior E3. The E3 demo had to be delivered so quick that we could not take time to implement the whole graphic chart we developed. So, E3 version graphics were Work In Progress, just to be showable, not finished. We wanted to take time to see people play for the first time with our game, help them to handle the Wii remote and finally, let the door open to all useful changes that would be necessary for the gameplay. Now we work on developing our complete style specific to Red Steel that will not only be a great support to the scenario & the gameplay but also be the visual identity & signature for this new brand.

Do you feel limited vs. the power of the console?

The relative power of the console set a limit in fact. That is why we started working on a stylish realistic rendering rather than on a pure photorealism treatment, with shaders and other heavy SFX. The idea is to provide eye catching scenes that are really cool and emphasize the action of the game, rather than places that highlights impressive SFX you do not pay attention in the middle of the action anyway.

Read the full interview here
I read it on monday, anyway I dont like the part where they say the console is a limit fact