New Screenshots Unveiled For WiiWare Frogger Returns

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Oct 10, 2009

New Screenshots Unveiled For WiiWare Frogger Returns-1.052009-11-08 16:52:03Maura SKonami has today revealed new screenshots for Frogger Returns. The five new screenshots have been unveiled with the purpose of showing fans who are eagerly awaiting the game’s WiiWare debut the new and improved graphics, new camera angle and all-new environments. As you can see from the screenshots, the brand new locations include a subway ( where our little frog friend has to dodge giant rats and subway trains), multiple-lane big city highways, and a river with turtles and bulldogs. In one of the screenshots you can also see a local multiplayer game in progress.

The original Frogger was first developed by Konami in 1981 and distributed by Sega, and with it being copied and cloned so many times over the years it’s great news indeed to see the original company behind the game taking control of what will hopefully be the definitive updated version.

Frogger Returns will be available for download via WiiWare™ towards the end of the year. Ribbit.