New Sonic Wild Fire images added to the gallery


Apr 30, 2006
Just added 10 brand new images of in-game action from the upcoming Sonic Wild Fire title.

You can view the images here:

Also, anyone interested in a Fan Art gallery section? As i've noticed a few of you making some mockup game boxes etc.. ofcourse you could only upload your own work.

Let me know :)
Nice, another great title im waiting for lol :).
And yes, it would be nice to have a fanart section! Not that a have any talent in drawing or anything, but some have and it would be interesting to see their works! Like those mockup game boxes like you said, they are pretty nice :)
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Arcadium said:
i0n plz answer my PM's! dont be a bad admin!

lol the PM's just say stuff like 'I need to talk to you' 'join the chatroom need to talk'

I dont have the time to be chasing you about, if you want to PM me a question/problem then please do and i'll do my best to help you :)
ion you rock!

cool! sonic rocks! ion you are the best admin!
also i'd like a fanart section as most of you know and I know stickey_label would too;)
P.S. Exciting news....
100 POSTS!!!!!! It's taken a while but I did it!
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