Nintendo update with new Snake images


Apr 30, 2006
Snake? Snake! SNAAAAAAAKE!

The unexpected participant from Metal Gear Solid!
When this was first announced to the media, it was greeted with shouts of joy that resembled screams.

After much consideration, we decided to have Snake refrain from using real-world guns—instead, he'll use lots of explosives.

What kinds of attacks will Snake unleash when he steps onto a new stage?
You'll have to wait and see.
Snake is the latest character to be added to the official Smashbros bros website, the images look very impressive indeed.

Find them in the SSB Gallery:
He'll probably be fighting hand on combat with his grenades and explosives. I don't know, he's a kinnda boring person to chose in smash bros, but pit is a different story.
supersammsh bros

i meant in super smash broters melle there are a few guys u unlock, in the wii on there are newcomers are those the ones that we unlock or are there going to be even newer guys to unlok
They wouldn't introduce the characters and then expect you to unlock them. Yes there will be other charcters to unlock.