new to this need sd help


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Aug 24, 2009
i have an sd card in my wii. ive saved and downloaded lots of things over the last year or two. ive never had a problem with accessing the data on the sd card but over the last week i cant get anything off it or look at it. i notice the problem when i turned on the guitar hero games and none of my downloadable content is brought up in the game. it says that the device in the sd slot cannot be used? its the same card ive used and it worked fine not too long ago then just stopped and now cant be used? this is very confusing any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks, kristina
Hello, and welcome to the forums!

Well, it sounds like you could have a corrupted SD card somehow. Have you tried putting another SD card in the slot if you have one? Does that one work if you did? If so, it's probably your SD card and you'll be needing to buy a new one and re-download everything.

Good luck.
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i tried another card and it did work so i guess nows the time for the tedious task of re downloading the multitude of songs i had before. do you know why it would stop working all of a sudden? thanks for your help. K
I honestly do not know why it would stop working just out of nowhere, it could be that one of those prongs on the SD card is chipped or something. Could be something on the inside of the card. Either way, sorry it happened. =/