New Zelda Wii Trailer Rumored For October


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Feb 7, 2007
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Sword mystery to be revealed?


Rumor rumor rumor rumor rumor.

According to an anonymous insider source of Infendo's, a trailer for the new Wii Zelda title is being prepared by Nintendo to be shown at an October event.

The trailer will supposedly reveal more on why Link didn't have a sword in the E3 teaser image and is said to showcase a working build of the game.

Nintendo will be holding a Business Media summit next month, which is when the trailer is expected to debut if the rumor is in fact true. The game has most likely been in development long enough to have competent in-game assets ready to show, but we're sticking with rumor for now on this one.

Tis but a month away.

heres the link or Zelda, ether way u call it

Better be true, we all along waited for a new Zelda wii game.
do you think the trailer will be shown at Tokyo Game Show?!

i forgot the date that its held but seems likely

no, i don't think so. thats one of the big things like E3 so that would've been said by name. it mentions a buisness summit so its more likely that this is a special Nintendo only thing they're hosting.