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Nov 15, 2006
I read on Digg a couple of weeks ago that Nintendo have yet another revelation concerning Wii. My head hurts because everything I'd speculated about this console has been wrong. nintendo have astounded me constantly, so I'll leave it to other people.

Tell me what it's going to be.
I just hope it isn't a camera. My biggest speculation right now would be concerning those rumors of a Wii with DVD playback.
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Nevermind, someone lock the topic. xD
ocdan said:
the wiimote can be modded into a lightsaber

:lol: :lol: Is it true.. someone with a sense of humor on this site? *GASP*

Anyway, who knows what it will be... I am hoping it will have something to do with the online component of the Wii. No online gaming = Wii on eBay.
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