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Nov 25, 2006
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NFS Carbon Review

I just beat NFS Carbon. The career mode anyways. Its not near as long as Most Wanted but it has some really nice features. Default Controls are pretty decent once you get used to them, but with drifting and some canyon races i found it easier to use the joystick method. If they had incorperated more of Most Wanted into Carbon it would have been one amazing game. Overall its very short and somewhat easy.

Controls 8
Graphics 9
Fun 9
Length 7.5 really short can be beaten in a couple days
Overall 8.5

**Full review at the bottom of thread**
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thanks for the review mate.

i've been thinking of getting this game, but was put off because of reviews on game sites saying it's just average, but lotta ppl here say it's great, so i just think the critics are just crappin on. i've seen the videos and images and looks great.

thanks, will be getting it after xmas seeing that i've used my $$$ just to get the wii and an extra wiimote/wiiplay bundle.

I think it says all we need to hear. Good game that is fun and interesting to play, but lacks the depth that would see you schedule a regular timeslot for completion of the game.
Yep, im definately going to get nfs:c now! just watched some more videos of it, looks awesome.

off the topic from nfs:c, i would like to get excite truck, but believe its coming out jan or feb 07 in australia? but already released in some other countries :mad5:

im not into monster trucks and all that 4x4 stuff, but the videos i've seen look like great fun. like one of those games u can just 'flick' on, and have a bash. that's what drew me to the wii, it's simplicity and just good ol gaming, i cant believe my wife actually wanted to give me a game of 1 on 1 at wii sports tennis!!! now theres a first in our household, wife playing a console!

also, i watched vidz for mortal kombat armegedon, that's looks bloody fantastic, i want it now!!!!! i remember playing MK in timezone when it first came out, hahaha, god i feel so old!! man that must have been about 15 years ago!

ooooooh, and i hope 'they' release an NBA game, like NBA 07, or NBA Jam, i've kept my ol N64 so i can play NBA Hangtime! LOL
ecko MAN said:
the controls are stupid

You are either a stupid hypocrite or just a spammer. In the thread "Is Excite Truck Fun?" you replied:

"Its Da Bomb"

And in this thread you call the NFS:C controls stupid? Excite Truck has the exact same controls you twat.
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MetroidZ said:
Quite short review, you could have expanded more on each point.
It was meant to be a short review. I wanted people to be able to just hear the main points of the game without reading a huge post.

Anyways more elaboration on my points

Controls: 8 are very akward and hard to get used to at first, but once you have done a couple races it becomes second nature. I feel the controls help make the game more challenging. Only thing that really bugged me is the directional pad on the wii remote that controls the nos, ebrake, slow mode, etc. they had the slow mode directly to the right of the nos so it would randomly go into slow mode and cause me to spin out.

I found it easier to use the control figuration 5, which is where you use the joystick on the nunchuck to controll and the wii remote to accecellerate, and the b button for the hand brake; for the drift races and some of the more difficult canyon races since the joystick gives you more control over the steering.

Graphics: 9 This game has the standard amazing graphics that all the NFS underground series possess. All the cars, modifications, and tracks look amazing.

Fun: 9 This game is a lot of fun once you get used to the controls and add some modifcations to your car. There are every modification avaible for this game; there is even a feature to make your own custom body parts and wheels. Only downside to the racing is that it is all at night which sometimes makes the turns hard to negotiate.

Length: 7.5 This is the only downfall keeping this game from being absolutly amazing. It is much shorter than most of the rest of the series. If they would have encorperated some of the cop challenges from Most Wanted, it would have made this game much more challenging and made it longer. But over they made a very solid title with Carbon. Although they did add a interesting feature with the different styles and tiers of cars you can get. If nothing else you can beat the game with all three styles of cars (Exotic, Import, Muscle) to make the game longer. They also added a challenge series to the game that you can complete when you finish the Career Mode.

Features: 9.5 They added a lot of new features into Carbon that add a lot to the game itself. They added a Challenge series which allows you to complete a series of different challenges ranging from Bronze to Gold. They also added Reward Card that are basically earned from doing designated challenges throughout career mode, challenge series, and races. They also added Autosculpt which allows the user to create custom body pieces and wheels which is a very cool feature. Territories were also added as a the basis of the game where you when races to take over territories until you own the entire map. Lastly, they added Crew which allows you to have 3 people on your crew to help you throughout the game and one person at a time to race with you. There are Drafters (They have a large area behind them so you can pick up speed.), Blockers (take out other racers by ramming them), and Seekers (who find all the shortcuts for you).

Overall: 8.5 Great game but could have been longer.
bigpileofwii said:
Controls: 8 are very akward and hard to get used to at first.

I know what you mean there. When I first got nfs:c I was pretty pissed because I was having a hard time with it.:smilewinkgrin:
speaking of the different control types is it possible to have a control type which will allow the player to use one of the steering wheel shells?
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epikon said:
speaking of the different control types is it possible to have a control type which will allow the player to use one of the steering wheel shells?
nope none of the 5 control types would work with the steering wheel shell