Nintendo creating new Virtual console games?


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Jul 3, 2006
It has been confirmed that the VC is not only going to have old classic games from past Nintendo consoles, Genesis, and Turbografx-16, but also going to have new games created by Nintendo and possibly other developers.
If you don't believe me click here. (Scroll down to Virtual Console Originals
Post some of your ideas of what new games that you will like to see on the Virtual Console.
I would like to see the unreleased Super Mario games I heard about on the VC
Yeah I keep telling people these VC games have great potentiol, I mean how easy is it to get it? Instead trying to find these good games on stores you can just download to your system, I think there will defniely be a lot good games for the VC
Yeah thats going to be awesome, you wont even have to leave your house to get the game, plus since you will be ordering the games you dont see actual dollar bills so its easier to spend the money :p
mario 128 was just a demo
but most mario games are relesed (like mario 2 on mario allstars is called the lost levels our mario 2 is called doki doki panic in japan)
I'm thinking this is where gamers who make games will be able to show off the game they made, or beta/demos of games that developers want to show off, if there are any nintendo VC only games they make it will probably be some sort of short party game.
Damn freakin' straight!!! The Wii rules with the Virtual Console. Freakin' NO. 1 reason I'm buying a freakin' Wii!!! Awesome find!!! :tard: :tard:
eco51 said:
yes nintendo might strike an idea of putting wii sports on vc

What about games like track and field, like with the running pad. Do you think they will come out with something like that for it?
I want a game, about a secret agent, and theres tons of other characters too, and theres tons of awesome guns like a RCP-90, PP7, Golden Gun which kills in 1 shot, AK-47, and tons more!! And the last level you fight a dude on a cradle and the first level is a about a dam! Man that would be so orgininal, oh and it better have online play.
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