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Nov 25, 2007
hey whats up guys its me brigipson back loving my nintendo wii. Have you guys seen the e3 line up i mean wow, first of all metroid the other m, that game looks really good, also super mario wii this game looks like and new version of super mario bros from the original nintendo console, i mean when i saw that i was look ohh **** i have to get this game lol. red steel 2 with motion plus omg i want to play and get that as well. Also a must have has to be final fantasy crystal chronicules the crystal bearers i mean the graphics and gameplay it just looks like a really good final fantasy game and so many more games coming out, me honestly i am very happy about nintendo's line from e3 . Nintendo is finally focusing more on hardcore gamers and that line looks really good strive on nintendo, strive on.
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