Nintendo Fans


Sep 15, 2006
Wii Online Code
I just got done skipping through Gamespots hours of coverage for the Wii launch, and it really dawned on me how diverse and fun Nintendo fans are. Go Nintendo!
Yes, Nintendo Fans Do Seem to be the best, because of its family friendlyness you dont get as much rudeness as you get on xbox and stuff.
So go Ninty FanHumans.
Yea even on attack of the show the host Kevin said Nintendo fans are the nicest fans out of all thts why nobody got shot over the wii
Definately. People were giving out free seat cushions. That's pretty nice of them! I wish I was at the NYC launch event. It would have been so much fun.
Well from my experience when I was camping out for the Wii everyone was nerds or potheads and they didn't give a **** about anything. A few people that were there kept going around with a tire trying to get it to fly into peoples tents and then these other people had their laptop and they wanted something to sit it on so they could watch a movie so they went over to these other guys tent that had boxes with all their stuff in them they took the box and threw everything out on the ground. From my experience Xbox fans are the nicest and arn't as nerdy as the Nintendo fans.
well, my experience here is that xbox fans are the most rude, and ps2/3 and nitendo are just nerds. But nerds are 'hip', eh?
well actually in my school and some outside friends, some of them are 100% stereotypical gamers. Really. It scares me.