Nintendo Press CD Download


Apr 30, 2006
Nintendo have released an official press CD containing some 336 files ( All print ready, 300dpi, .psd, .ai, .jpg, pdf, tif ).

Many of the images are big enough for posters.

The images and information on the CD cover both the DS and Wii titles, more specifically for the Wii it includes:

-Wii Hardware
-Wii Logo
Excite Truck
Fire Emblem
Metroid Prime 3
Project HAMMER
Super Mario Galaxy
Wario Ware Smooth Move
Zelda Twilight Princess

I imagine most if not all of the images are currently available in our gallery, but i'll be having a look over the CD and filling in any gaps we may have.

There's more info on the press here.
I cant download it there, do u have another website to do it???

PD: plz answer my PM...
Its a torrent file just get utorrent or something like that
meh i downloaded it nothing too great unless you can some how print out huge images for posters but thats about the only use
use uTorrent its much better than BitTorrent
Can someone help me!! I'm using Azureus and I've never gotten it to work, but I can't figure out why, and yes I've tried wikipedia and I still can't figure out the problem.

Here's a screenshot of what I get; notice the error in the lower right (and if you're not familiar with what you see, I have a Mac so it may look a bit different):
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Sorry to be sort of off topic.

*EDIT* Now Azureus looks like the following picture, which it NEVER has, but I'm still unsure if it's working, so I still need help.
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Yeah I kept getting the same one, and it turned out it was because my college firewall stopped the program from accessing ports, so it could be your server, or the windows firewall/norton/whatever you have