Nintendo Promise To Increase Wii Production

blogman54 said:
I am a little surprised myself No store around my town has any in stock and when they do its sold out in about 2 days. This does sound good for me when I get mine later this year. Hopefully I can walk right into game stop and buy my Wii with no hassle. Hopefully NO BUNDLES!!!!!
:D :i have 1
My grandparents said they would pay for a Wii for Christmas. But they wouldn't be the ones looking for it. So, that's essentially a gift of $250 split between my sister and I.

I checked in with a Gamestop a couple of weeks ago (I live in Denver). They said they would have Wiis sometime next month. :K
This wii scarcity is pissing me off those things sell out within miniutes...I can't wait till I can walk into a store and buy one.....E.B Games and Gamestop in my area have wiis but sucky bundles with cooking Mama, and some monkey game..I have no objection to bundles but they should at least give me the chance to choose what games I want in my bundle.