Nintendo staying the course, will leave price cuts to Microsoft and Sony


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Feb 7, 2007
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It's been a head-on collision between Sony and Microsoft the past week with their own respective price cut announcements. Oddly enough, Nintendo remains sitting prettily and quietly. Have they got no plans to launch their defenses in light of the current happenings? Apparently, no, they don't.

Said Denise Kaigler, Nintendo of America's rep, their status quo will be remaining unchanged.

Our focus has always been creating fun and engaging game-play experiences. Because of that focus, Wii has been the best-selling video game system in the United States for two years and counting.

It offers the most fun and the best value for consumers. Wii can be played by every member of the family the moment it comes out of the box. It's the only console that offers the option of precise motion controls right now, with the Wii MotionPlus accessory. And Nintendo systems are the only place you can play new and classic Nintendo franchises.

Wii games that will be on people's lists through the holidays include Wii Sports Resort, Metroid Prime: Trilogy, Wii Fit Plus and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Nintendo offers something for everyone.

heres the link
This will hurt Nintendo big time in the long run. I'm pretty sure that a lot of potential Wii buyers are purchasing the PS3 slim instead and a lot of Wii owners are on their way to purchase a PS3 slim meaning that they will spend less on Wii software and spend more on used/cheap classic PS3 games and blu-ray movies. Once the word is out (advertisements) that the PS3 is now $299 and motion controls, the casual market will start jumping on the PS3 bandwagon.
eff ps3 slim lol, it cant be modded yet, thats why its releasing, not to attract new customers haha. sony doesnt care, their fanboy following will keep them paid till ps27 comes out. The problem is the 60gig and 80gig models(even the 40 to an extent) are being exploited now just like PS2 and PSP were.
Now with this release any progress hackers have made is only relevant to the old models, and they have to start from square for the slims.
We've seen this movie before its called PS2 slim. and PSP slim.
Its not to attract new makets its to stop piracy