Nintendo Store in NYC, TOYSRUS


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Nov 23, 2006
Do you guys think that the Nintendo Store in NYC and The TOYSRUS store in Timesquare will have Nintendo Wii's in stock on Black friday. I have yet to be able to contact them thru phone so i figured i'd ask here. I hope they do because my dad is willing to drive to the City if we can get one. I cant wait!
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Alright, thanks even if i dont get one i will still go to try at least, i just wish i had gotten one on release i would do alot beside pay more money to get one :)
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Do you think i should be at the store's at opening or does it matter. I am going to leave by 5:30 due to traffic so hopely that will be early enough
most likley not because its a nintendo store!!! nintendo wii? sold out every second lol.
Yeah dude, go earlier. Go at least 2 hours before open. Tomorrow is going to be a huge day for the kids that didn't get a Wii on launch and 2 hours is nothing of a wait. Not to mention the Nintendo store is a few blocks away from the huge Toys R Us here in New York. Chose wisely Daniel Son.
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well guys i appreciate all the responds let me tell you if i get one tommorow i just might be the happiest person in the whole world... wait i think there will be alot of happy people lol