nintendo Wii boot screen...


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Aug 20, 2006
Miami Beach, fl
...i've been wondering what it will be know how the gamecube has the little cube forming the "g"'ll be cool if it has the lil "i"'s shooting the screen and doing other actions like that nintendo wii video....hmm...something to think about...:p
no clue, this is one of the things im looking forward to most, well the interface thingy, but i think the boot symbol will be like the Wii then sometime of nintendo noise (like a coin) then it will boom and turn into the flat grey with the soundwaves coming out like on the video

not the whole thing, just the 3D Wii then it turns to flat grey, i think thats sooo cool

ahh there is a nintendo sound, that will be the one! let me try to make something
nevermind i cant make anything, but from that video when they get together and you hear the little dodo sound that would be the sound and you just see the 3d wii, then it goes woo! like on the video and turns 2d
NeMeZyZ said:
....yea..thats uh....yea

Great post. Very informitive.

I personally think it'll show like a 2D Wii symbol, do like a little sound, and suddenely will convert to 3D. I didn't like the GCN boot screen that much so hopefully the Wii's will be better.
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what if it had like an interactive boot, like mariopaint, u guys remeber that? and it would be nice if it came with a playable mini game, (like the sega master system)
i dont remember the mario paint one, but i know about the sega one, i would love to like i dont know, it would probally be short.