Nintendo's 2.5D Gaming Market


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Jul 7, 2009
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Does anyone else notice Nintendo's 2.5D Game trends? Super Mario Bros. Wii is a good example of a 2.5D Game. Well, I didn't buy it, and to be queit honest, there is no point in buying that game if you have Super Mario Galaxy 1&2 because they [in my opinion] ripped me off. They added that element in what was suppose to be the Super Mario ALL 3D games. Now I can't stand my Mario Games because of the new elements. Nintendo has screwed with all of my favorite games and they continue making their newer games, only in 2.5D. I'm just curious, where am I in the market? I'm hanging out in the 3D section, and Nintendo is hanging with Sega saying "I'm sorry, I finally understand why you failed. Lets continue making stupid buisness decisions... shhhh... together."
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