Capcom to continue 2.5D for fighting games


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Feb 7, 2007
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According to Capcom is going to continue to develop fighting games in 2.5D.


The detail of 3D graphics with the mechanics of a 2D game - when Capcom tried the formula out with Street Fighter IV, developers found themselves itching to try it out again. They did so with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom All-Stars, their upcoming Wii fighter. They seem to have grown pretty fond of the concept that Capcom's future fighting games will be carrying the 2.5D effect. "I think that was the best way to present the Capcom and Tatsunoko characters to their fullest," said producer Ryota Niitsuma through a translator. "I think at Capcom one of our specialties is 2D fighting action and we have had a great history of making games like that."
The 3D models on a 2D plane is a very good match and all of the (game) systems are capable of supporting such a feature. When making such games we can show our knowhow. Going out into the future I can't say it will remain like this forever, but for the forseeable future I can see us making our games in this style.
Seems that Niitsuma and company have found themselves a recognizable way to distinguish their games from the rest of the genre, at least for now. Fighting games, according to the producer, have been divided between core fighting gamers and casual gamers. ""I don't think there has been a game made that addresses that divide," he said.

"From here on out whenever we are making a fighting game the challenge is to make a game that appeals to fighting game fans and draw in new fans," he adds, citing that this would be a personal challenge.

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a new darkstalkers or streetfigher vs darkstalkers would be great, the sf4 system resembles darkstalkers alot
To make things clear
1D Dosnt exist
2D Flat both characters facing each other most of the time, no moving into or out of the background (Street fighter, King of fighters).
2.5D Flat, but characters can move towards and away from the screen (Tekken, Virtua fighter, Soul Blade).
3D Free moving, can go anywhere (Powerstone is the only one that springs to mind).

So calling Street fighter 4 a 2.5D fighting game is wrong as the closest it got to 2.5D is the Street fighter EX spin offs.