No Dvd playback??

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ok i dont care i already have 2 dvd players home but didnt they say that it will have dvd playback in the beginning.
Here's what that lady said on IGN episode 28 i think (newest one to date): "Go to a garage sale, buy a dvd player for around 5 bucks, go home, and use it to play your dvds."
MetroidZ said:
she pwned the reviewer (matt)
Yeah, it was funny. At the end of that interview they had an out take and Matt appologized for having to ask so many questions and she said something like "Don't worry about that. The only thing you need to worry about is taking a shower." :lol: SLAP!
While officially removed from the operating system, it would not be far fetched for either Nintendo or someone else to develop a player that would support every format of video and audio imaginable, considering the drive has the capability to read a DVD-9 disk.

It's very possible that Nintendo will sell such a player for Wii Points, just like they're doing with the browser. If they employ XViD and MPEG2 codecs, it just might be the most successful multimedia console ever.