No FIFA for Nintendo or Sony

I honestly don't see why EA would do this. When a new FIFA comes out its always the top selling game.

EDIT: Nothing about this is on IGN.
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if its true im affraid its bad news guys, if ppl see that the wii only has mario footy games they wont buy it, loads of ppl play fifa and pro evo,

but personally i dont think its true, the DS has new gameplay and fifa came out on tht, the wii has the classic controller as well which could be used to play fifa on
I love FIFA games and I was getting it for wii. Does anyone know if it is going to be on the gamecube? By the way could the news be a lie, I mean I do not see a reason that made EA not make the game for the wii.
FIFA games are like spongebob compared to the Winning Eleven Series. Winning Elven 9 has better graphics, gameplay, and a better presentation than FIFA 06. Hopefully KONAMI makes Winning Eleven 10 for the Wii.
info on Winning Eleven 9
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