No Third-Party Online Till Early 2007


Aug 6, 2006

Theres a link, if you don't want to read it just for a little info heres what it says: There will be no Third-Party titles be able to go online, this means games like Call of Duty 3 and Red Steel (if it has online) won't be able to go online till early 2007. The new tony hawk didn't bother to add online since it won't be available till early 2007 (probally cause the game itself is a half-ass attempt to make a couple bucks) I'm very sad about Call of Duty 3, this might delay me purchasing it instead of at launch, I will wait till futher details to decide my purchases.
So even though Call of Duty 3 will only support 16 players online, we won't be able to play till early 2007! Atleast their not giving up hope and just not adding it, and just for clearifaction heres whats different between CoD3 for Wii and 360/PS3
-360/PS3 will have clothes pyhsics so clothes sway and what not on the soldiers
-360/PS3 will have real-time swaying grass with footprints inprinted after soldiers walk through
-360/PS3 have better particle and increased animation/visuals
-Wii will accutaly let you shoot your own rifle!!! (to me, priceless)

So yah..don't enjoy!
Yesthh....the Grass Moves When The Wind Blows....and Sweet My Clothes Move When Im Running.....but I Cant Even See My Clothes......yes.....increased Visuals No Way.....just What I Want To Spend My 400-600 Dollars On To Get......sweet Man........
consiering swaying grass and clothes can be done with less graphical prowess than 360 and ps3, are we all that impressed anyway? and does that mean wii will have blocky characters and ugly grass?

resident evil 4 had both, and wii is stronger, so i dont see why its all that big a deal
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no the characters and grass will be the same but they wont sway or move. But the characters may have less facial detail
OZMG There clothes move when they walk! The grass will have FOOTPRINTS!!!!!

Totally worth my extra $100+

Looks like online will be shortly after Christmas then.
Not the wisest idea. The Gamecube was always been behind PS2 and Xbox when it comes to online games and this time around the competition is going to much tougher now online console games are taking off. If Nintendo want to succeed this time it really isn't a good idea to hinder third party online games (especially Red Steel, which is probably gonna be one of the most successful launch titles).
I'm dissapointed with this, but I can wait until 2007.

I mean, time flies when you're having fun. And I'll have my Wii. So I'll be having fun :)
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This hasnt already been posted..the CoD3 online thing was, not this. And if your talking about i0ns post i did this before him (its called look at post dates)