No video output but sound OK


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May 15, 2009
Hi this is my first post and I hope someone can help me. My Wii no longer has video output but the sound is ok. I have tried another cable and another TV screen which didn't work so it must be the console itself. Since it is out of warranty my dad (electronic engineer) has done some investigation on the web and found a website which mentioned failed motherboard fuses (FIL18, 21, 22, and 27) but these are all ok and buzz through to the right video connector. Is there anything else he can try before he gives up and has to send the unit off for repair? I'm desperate to get using MarioKart again!!!
Did you ever get an answer to this problem? I'm having the exact same issue and I can't find anyone with a good answer.

If you still get this update and have an answer I would appreciate your help.

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I never found out what was wrong and still don't have a working wii. I think it will have to go for repair but there is nowhere local that does it.
hi i just whant online and found a wii just like u guys have with the same problom sound but no vidow im a computer junky i work on tham more than just puting softwar on tham or programing tham i fix tham the mother bords power and what not evan work on car starows and much more so ill have a look in 2 your guys probloms see if i can come up with a ez fix for u guys and give u a link 2 a youtub walk throw whan iv come up with a fix for u and if i cant ill get back 2 u ither whay k guys haing tite .......p.s. sorry for my bad spelling .. and my tiping i dont spell good and i rite my worrd frazis train of thot :):yesnod: