Getting your Wii or any game console to output in HD!? HOW?? READ THIS!!!

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Mar 15, 2011
Incase yer reading this and saying, DUFSHHF?!!! HOW DO EI GET MEI WIIS OR GAIME CONOLE IN HD!?? PLEZ ANSER PICKLE!

Well then, enough sputtering and let's explain shall we.


To get your Wii to output in upconverted HD resolutions, you will need;

A set of Component RGB w/rca audio cables for your desired system (eg Wii, PS2, Gamecube, ETC), or the standard Composite/RCA connectors (which I don't reccomend; we'll get to that later)

An LCD HDTV or monitor that has HDMI connections and can output resolutions of up to 1080P (these specs are really important to remember, or you'll be in for some serious ****!)

An Component to HDMI Converter Box (can be found here ) Or a Composite/RCA to HDMI converter box (I do NOT reccomend going this route as i'll explain later on... But if you must:


NOTE: If you got only one HDMI port on your TV and it's the one for primary use, pick up this thing to make things a little easier to switch signals around:

Get the Wii/game unit set up w/cables

Turn the TV on

Get the HDMI converter box of your choice set up and powered on, and then plug the component/composite cables to the back of it, and the HDMI cable to the one thats says HDMI OUT.

Plug in the HDMI cable to the TV

Turn the system on

In your TV mode selection screen, Look for HDMI 1, 2, etc and switch to that.

It may take a minute for the image to appear on the screen, depending on your TV or the cable being used.

If no image appears on the screen, then:

Check all connections to make sure they are in fully and their right places

make sure the converter box you got is for the right cable inputs for it to send via HDMI. For example: if you got a Composite to HDMI box and your using Component RGB, it does not work and may damage the unit; same goes for composite into the Component to HDMI box.

Make sure the HDMI box's resolution matches the TV's (eg, if box outputs 720P or 1080P signal- TV must be compadible with that one signal or the other.

If no picture is displayed from the unit at all, or worked once, but has failed, the unit may be bad and you'll have to get it fixed or have a new one sent (hopefully for free or little charge)

If it's your TV if you tried something else with it, then it may need to be fixed for no or little charge, or a get a replacement unit

If no sound is present, then:

Check the sound connections

See if HDMI audio is enabled or not. If it's off, enable it if you want sound

Some HDMI converter boxes (like the Component to HDMI one I have lisited on this page) don't have and RCA audio (Red, white) input; some have it, some have a 3.5 stereo headphone input jack, others may not. If it does have a 3.5 stereo jack input (like the one listed), you could buy a RCA to 3.5 stereo jack and a stereo jack female to female connector from your local eletronics store, and connect that to the box to get sound from HDMI. If it has no RCA or 3.5 stereo jack inputs, you could hook up the audio jacks to your speaker system or to your TV if it has something like "HDMI w/ analog/RCA/headphone audio IN" connectors; they are mainly on monitors or TV's that don't contain VGA connections.

If no sound is heard at all from the unit via audio connections, of if you had sound before, but has failed, the unit may be bad and you'll have to get it fixed or have a new one sent (hopefully for free or little charge), do without sound or have it come through the speaker/s system.

If no sound is heard from the TV at all and has once worked, then you might have to get it repaired, get a new one, or if you're poor (like all of us unfortunitly) have the sound go through your speaker system.

Picture quality:

I reccomend component to HDMI because the picture quality will be much better than with using composite to HDMI, which resoults in a muddy, blurry picture depending on the TV.

Depending on the converter box and/or the TV, you may possibly get onscreen "Noise" or "Artifacts" from upconversion. To remedy this, adjust the settings on your TV (mainly look for a feature that has "Digital Image Noise Reduction" or "Image Smoothing") and it should be smooth sailing (pun intended). If it's that bad, then live with or get a different converter box or TV.

Depending on the TV and the aspect ratio scorce your equpiment is sending out, the image on screen may have "Underscaning" or could be cropped too much for your taste. To adjust the screen/aspect ratios, read up on your TV's Manual and find out how to configre screen size/aspect ratio settings to your liking. Some converter boxes have an auto aspect ratio feature that fills up the screen and matches that of your Tv's aspect ratio, but those rarely work so your on your own as far as adjusting the image size goes.

if you folowed these directions/guidelined, you'll be enjoying playing your classic games on their orginal consoles, or you Wii for that matter... IN HD!!!! F*** YEAH!!!

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines or areexperencing any issues, PM me with an proper response and I'll get back to U!!
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