Playing Wii on an HD LCD PC Monitor


WiiChat Member
Jul 30, 2009
I was wondering if I could hook my Wii up to my LCD monitor, the monitor has the blue green and red component cables, a VGA, HDMI, and DVI inputs. It also has an HDMI audio output headphone jack. Does anybody know of any way possible to hook my wii up to it? The monitor does not have speakers built in, when I play my Xbox on it through HDMI I need to use seperate speakers.

Any help would be very much appreciated!
You can get component cables for the Wii that you could use with the blug/green/red component connectors on the monitor. You would still have the red/white audio cables to deal with, much like the situation with the Xbox.
You can do so with a cable
I tend to use a VGA cable that I got off ebay (about £8) and I get the Wiis low HD setting for display