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Oct 10, 2009

Nyko Adds Five New Wand Colours-1.052010-03-02 12:32:13Maura S

Nyko, the company *that appears to be on a non-stop mission to beautify Wiis around the world, has today announced that its best-selling Wand controller is now available in five new colours, with each colour being available only as an exclusive at selected retail outlets in North America. The Wand previously came in five colours: white, blue, black, pink and purple, and will now be available in five more colours at the respective retailers:

  • Gamestop: Green and Orange
  • Walmart.com: Yellow
  • Fry’s: Red
  • Meijer Supercenters: Grey
This is what Chris Arbogast, marketing director for Nyko Technologies, had to say about the new Wands:

“These new colour Wands will provide even more ways for consumers to personalize their gaming setup. We had originally released these colours only in Japan, and due to popular demand we’re proud to now offer these options in the US.”

All Wands have matching buttons and silicone jackets, and feature Nyko’s Trans-Port technology, which enables compatible peripherals to communicate digitally with the Wand.

The new Wand colours are available now for an MSRP of $29.99.


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