O_o;; Phoenix Wright... Bustiest Nintendo game ever...

We may have another hentai fan on hear
Me seen the pics
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...BWAHAHA! Awesome! xD
But, if it's M or something, I'm under-age. >_< And though my mom would actually let me get it, (Hell, she gave my brothers PlayBoy mags when they were younger than I am. I'm fourteen, by the way. xP) I'd be too embarrassed to ask her about it. X_x;; Too bad my dad, who doesn't give a crap ither, (He's kick-ass. xP) just sits in his office all day and never leaves. >_> It's hardly an office, too. It's his lounge-like living space. xP
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Bwaha! xD Awesome. Wait, this IS coming out in North America, right?
And what does it mean by, "ero" game?

Edit: Wait... >_< Well, I can tell you one thing... It's not gonna be rated M... It's gonna be rated A. xP FIRST adult Nintendo game! xD Check the "more" link, and scroll down.
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