Hmmm...interests and hobbies huh? Well, I love to sing, write, draw, game (hehe), watch movies, do fun and silly things, read, discuss, learn, run around in the forest pretending I'm a soilder >.>, laugh, cuddle, sit in the rain, swim, volleyball, photography etc...I love to do countless things, I couldn't possibly name them all.

As for interests, I'm interested in animals, being a doctor, Africa, world issues, religion, games and more games, laying around doing nothing and gaming all night, volunteering, exercising, water fights, freeze tag, hide'n'seek, the well-fare of people and the enviornment, laying down in the dark talking about random things, being silly and goofing off talking about stupid things >.< Oh gosh...too many to list...*Faints*
I sing and play piano, french horn, mellophone, trumpet, and beginning guitar; other thand that I fix computers, do photography, make videos (mostly weddings and the like), and IM IRL friends
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i like to play video games of course .. waterskiing , working on cars, biking, swimming, and collecting hockey cards are some of my hobbies

my interests include
current events, sports, hanging out with friends, working out, i like listening to music .. mostly oldies but some new stuff too, i like going to bible studies with guys from my church, im volunteering this summer at a camp where i will be a cabin leader, i like animals ... cats over dogs (easier to clean up after), after that .. i donno i like other things too but i cant remember them off the top of my head
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my hobbies are drawing, writing, playing video games, making short films, making models based on video games out of legos, playing with my friends(tag, ball tag, emu tag (our own creation), air soft, biking, scootering, finding weird things to keep us occupied (we once melted an rc car after we drove it off a roof)long conversations usually in trees, sleeping over and staying up all night playing video games and having pillow fights, riding bikes down to a supermarket to buy sweets, then go home and eat it all!) I also like to cook on my kitchen grill (which i can make anything on!) i like building and programing robots too! and my one friend and i have come up with some interesting song parodies. oh, and goofing off!:tard: :D :tard:
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martail arts (huurya)
makeing things