Official room pictures

You need a Wii on that desk to balance the Microsoft/Nintendo Fung Shui.
Star Wars! haha I got all 3 Star Wars in my DVD rack at the bottom of my Cube games. :p I'll post piccies tomorrow. ^_^;; or soon. I absolutely cannot wait until I get a Wii and my huge tv fixed! LOL well it's my dads, but yeah, eee! Surround sound shall be on lots when I get teh Wii. <3 how awesome will that look! :D
Kosh1and2 said:
You've got ALL 3 STAR WARS!!??!! Which 3? The first 3 or the last 3?:tard:

the new ones. I plan to get the old ones soon. :D

yay for Star Wars. w00000t!

and they were free too! lol go presents and crazy sisters who take things *cough*sheissobad*cough* :D
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lol downstairs are dvd's 2 and i still got for n64 didy kong racing

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