Okami DS Revealed


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Aug 18, 2009
Okami, the sleeper hit from Clover Studios, had critics and players raving about it's Zelda-like gameplay and unique graphics style. It now looks like Capcom plans to bring a new game in the series, titled Okamiden, to the DS next year in Japan.

It is an all new adventure, but it will be set in the same places you ventured in the PS2 and Wii versions of Okami. The story will follow a younger character set a couple of months after the original's story. The game will take advantage of the stylus (of course) to draw out the signature symbols found in the PS2 and Wii iterations of Okami.

No word on a release outside of Japan yet, but stay tuned!

Reported by: 1337endo
None of the pics/vids of it?

They have made it look kiddy (Amaresru (how ever its spellt) looked good as she was*) witch is a shame as Okami was like a work of art.
Itwill come out to the UK/US as there really isnt any good DS games to look forward to

*In a none furry way
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I'm kind of diggin' the chibi style.
Music in the trailer is pretty catchy too :]
I look forward to it. @Prinny: No good DS games to look forward to? What about Golden Sun: Dark Dawn?