Omg L.e.d.


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Nov 19, 2006
Ok is it just me or is the led light only come on for like one millisecond when the thing is turned on cause it never lights up after that is that how it works?
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Also I cant seem to axcess the wii weather or the news and when i go to the wii shop I get these errors and when I went to nintendo's web site to find out what these errors ment it errored its self here are the errors (209601, 209600, 052030) any help will be appreciated!
sad but true

The blue light unfortunatly only blinks for a second when you power on the system, insert a disk, or when new updates are downloaded/become avalible when you have WiiConnect24 on. I was hoping it would stay blue the whole time you had the system on :sad:

Also the Forcast Channel and News channel are not active yet. According to Nintendo, the forcast channel will be availible mid to late december, and the news channel will be availible mid to late january. The internet channel will be availible in the next few weeks hopefully.
I can't understand why they'd put the Wii Weather in there... maybe News... But who's going to care if it's sunny or raining when they'll be spending that day inside working their wii-tan? =P
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I keep getting errors when im trying to go to the Wii store. If you could help me you would be a life saver the error numbers I have are 209601 and 209600. I googled them and nothing came up. :(
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And also my led light only comes on for like a second when its turned on and thats it. It never comes on when games are put in or if there not it as I here people saying :( did i buy a defective Wii?
I for one will like the weather channel, though i doubt ill use it only on occasion, for muliple reasons:

1) its free. Free's good, even if you dont use it.
2) you can delete/add channels so if you find out you dont need it and need a free channel space, poof. bye bye, and if you want it back a quick download solves that.
3) my computer is crap (IE everytime i exit out of a graphical intensive game i have to reboot it or else ill have extreme lag trying to do anything) so if i need to see what the weather is for a trip or something, it can save me the time to log out of a game.
4)the whole 3D globe you can spin around is cool...ok i want to take over that country, that one, that one, oh its too hot there ill just use that for my compost...
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OMG SO MANY INTERNET ERRORS IM GOING TO SHOOT MY SELF DID NINTENDO ONLY BUY LIKE 3 Servers for this internet thing they got going with the wii cause update takes forever and I still cant get to freaking wii store :incazzato:
Error Codes


| Nintendo - Customer Service | Wii

you type in an error code and it translate it for you. (well if it works, i can never get it to go anywhere clicking go.) Are you connected online through a wireless/(wired if you have a USB to Ethernet adaptor) connection? You have to agree to a user agrement, it then in turn connects online to submit it, then downloads a patch to enable the store. Its possible your not connected to the internet through the system and its giving you the error codes letting you know that.
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That GO thing with the 6 digit numbers never works and as of right now my internet is working great ive downloaded the updates for the store it just errors when it trys to connect to the store so thats why im thinking its a server problem via nintendo like there packed with hits and the server cant handle it. but im still depressed about my led light I mean it dosent even light up after you turn the sucker on and when it dose light up its like .001 millaseconds kinda like a camra flash I mean what purpose dose it serve if its only on for that one time I hurd that it is on if there is not a game in... I called nintendo but there slamed right now they cant even take calls
@OP: Yeah, was bummed because the blue turned on for a split second :( oh well, all i need right now is 1 more nunchuck controller. Got 4 wiimotes and only 3 nunchucks :/ sold out everywhere :( have to wait till next week
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Wow im depressed after waiting in line for 8 hours total at 2 stores my wii is broke :sad:
Thank goodness it doesnt stay on!

Blue LED's have been over done, and are harsh on your eyes to begin with! I for one am glad it doesnt stay on!

However there is a setting in the Wii preferences for the LED, so check your settings.

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but its the fact that it dosent work that pisses me off I payed 250 bucks for a broken product which still cant axcess the freaking wii shoping channel for some reason :( ive even gone through that massive update that took an hour